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A Note from Carrie...

September 2017

This month we are focussing on our pets! I have two amazing dogs that came to us when we required some unconditional love, and they continue to bless our lives every day. We all love our pets and want them to be happy and healthy. That’s not always the reality because of allergies, finicky eaters, flea control measures, etc. We can help our pets and fill in nutritional gaps with good quality pet products. That is why we decided to carry some of the best natural pet products on the market. Many of our customers have reported great health improvements in their pets since adding these products to their pets’ regimen.

My favorite new products for cats and dogs are pet probiotics. Probiotics help humans find balance in their digestion, but they also can help our pets. Probiotics address the top four reasons your pet ends up at the vet.

Upset Stomach
Arthritis/Hip and Joint Pain

Probiotics can support your pets’ overall health. Your pets’ digestive tract is the key to their ability to be healthy and happy! Probiotics assist the digestion and absorption of nutrients, support the immune system, promote intestinal well-being, help maintain healthy bowel function, and nourish and balance natural gut bacteria.

If your pet is experiencing any of these issues, a good pet probiotic may help. Stop by our shop and we will show you what we would recommend.

love & health,