The Services at Cherokee Herb Shop are offered by Owner, Carrie Casey. All techniques are relaxing and are thought to be beneficial in helping the body heal itself. All services are available by appointment.

This service is offered for those people who want to develop a nutritional program to optimize their health. Each program is tailored to meet the needs of the individual and will include a discussion of their present health, their objectives for the future, plans for diet, exercise, emotional needs, etc. Each consultation lasts approximately one and one half hours.

Hand and Foot Reflexology
Reflexology is a science that deals with the ancient principle that there are reflexes in the hand and feet that correspond to each organ and body part. It is believed that stimulating these reflexes can help the body to relax and restore proper nerve flow and blood flow; which in turn can help the body heal. Hand Reflexology is great for people who work with their hands and has been effective in easing the discomfort of carpal tunnel syndrome. Foot Reflexology has been used quite effectively as treatment for heel spurs and bone spurs. Hand and Foot Reflexology are offered as separate treatments but can be combined into back-to-back sessions. A Hand Reflexology session lasts approximately 30 minutes and a Foot Reflexology session lasts approximately 45 minutes.

Reiki (Hands-on Healing)
Reiki believes that each person has the ability to bring comfort to themselves and others through the healing power of touch. This treatment not only helps a person relax, which can be healing in and of itself, but Reiki is thought to help direct love and healing to any body system or parts that are out of harmony. Each session lasts approximately forty-five minutes to one hour.

Raindrop Technique
This non-invasive treatment combines the healing power of pure essential oils and Vita-flex techniques to assist the body in correcting defects in the curvature of the spine. These defects may include scoliosis and spinal misalignments that may be caused by viruses or bacteria that may be lying dormant along the spine. The individual essential oils are dispersed like tiny drops of rain on to the back before being massaged into the muscles along the sides of the spine, hence the name “Raindrop Technique”. The back is then packed in hot towels while Vita-Flex and Reflexology techniques are performed on the lower legs and feet. This treatment is not only effective for the spine, it is also very helpful for acute respiratory problems including colds, bronchitis and sinusitis. This technique lasts approximately one hour.

Life Coaching Service
Carrie Casey offers Life Coaching Services on a weekly or bi-monthly basis. Clients will receive guidance in moving forward in their lives spiritually and emotionally, as well as physically. With her training and experience, Carrie helps clients find the balance in their lives physically using natural healing modalities while always honoring their inner spiritual life first. Most clients attend Life Coaching sessions regularly for three to six months, or longer if required.

We are located in Rome, Georgia, right off Shorter Avenue behind Ryan's Steak House.

Hours: Mon-Fri: 10-6 Saturday: 10-3